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  • Business Hours

    Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM

  • Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM

  • Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM

  • Tuesday - Sunday : 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Welcome To Radhe Sweets


We are located in Anaheim, California. The owner of Radhe Sweets, Mr. Chetan is great chef. He has over 20 years of experiance in cooking different types of foods especially gujarati food.

Radhe Sweets offer gujarati, South Indian, Indian-Chinese food. Variety of gujarati sweets and farsan. We are specialize in Catering for different food with speciality in Gujarati food. We provide customize catering menu to deliver our client special needs.

Our Specials

  • Indian Stylish Bombay Sandwich
  • Vegetable Hakka Noodles
  • Rava Masala Dosa
  • Gujarati Thali
  • Radhe Special Chaat
  • Fresh Sugarcane Juice

Business Hours

Tuesday - Sunday :
11:00 AM to 8:30 PM


1 . Samosa $3.50
Two crispy fried turnovers deliciously filled with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas

2. Samosa Chat $5.50
Potato patties, curried chick peas, mint chutney, tamarind chutney

3. Pani Puri $4.99
Fluffy puri filled with potato, onion, yogurt, crispy noodles

4.Dahi Puri $4.99
Fluffy puri filled with potato, onion, yogurt, crispy noodles, & sweet and hot sauce

5 . Special Kachori $4.99
spicy ,tangy ball stuff with lentle and green peas served with green and sweet chatney.

6 .Bhel Puri $4.99
A mix of puffed rice, onions, peanu ts, tomatoes & crisp noodles

7 . Khasta Kachori $4.99
Flupped masala puri stuff with yogurt, onion, garbanzo,and tangy chutney

8 . Potato Wada $4.99
Tangy potteto ball fried with gram flower.

9. Sev Puri $4.99
Crisps puris stuffed with potato, onion, and crisp noodles.

10. Dahi Vada $5.99
Fluffy, golden-coloured vadas might taste good.

11 .Radhe Special Chat $5.99
Crispy flakes mixes with potatoes, onions, sauces, & crispy noodles.

12 .Khaman Dhokla $4.99
Is a savory steamed cake made from gram flour. khaman is soft and fluffy, mildly tangy-sweet and a great snack.

13. Wada Pav $5.99
It is made of a spicy potato filling deep fried in a gram flour batter, along with a hot and spicy garlic chutney.

14 . Dabeli $5.99
It is made with a sweet and spicy potato mixture which is filled into a small burger bun and then topped with onion, pomegranate, fresh garlic chutney and sev.

15. Papdi Lot $4.99
Its basically a rice cake (kind of) steamed to perfection.

16. METHI GOTA $5.50

17. DAL WADA $5.50
8 piece of Moong Dal (lentil) Pakoda serve with onion and chily

18. FAFDA $5.99
Long Gram flower toasted serve with chilly and yogurt chutney

Fried gram lentel serve with tengy onuion, tometo & chilly mixtcher

20. KHANDWI $4.99
Thin Tangy roll Made with Garbanzo flower

21. Mini Thali $9.50
Chappati, Dal, Plain Rice, Vegetable Of The Day, Papad, pickel.

22.Gujrati Thali $13.99
Chappati, Dal, Plain Rice, , Vegetable Of The Day,,beans , Papad & Dessert,farsan(APP).

23. Kathiyawadi Thali $14.99
Millet flower roti,Vegetable Of The Day,beans,Masala khichdi,kadhi(yogurt soup), Papad ,pickel,gud and garlic chutney..

24. Chole Puri $5.99
Fluppe deep fry tortila served with masala Garbanzo, pickel & Onion

25 . Rotli/Puri Shak $6.50
Chapati or fried puri serve with day of vegetable.

26. Pav Bhaji $6.99
consisting of a vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll (pav).

27. Alu Paratha $5.99
1 pc Masala Aloo stuff with wheat tortilla, serve with plain yogurt and pickel

28.Gobi Paratha $5.99
Gobi parathas are served with curd and pickle.

29. Mooli Paratha $5.99
Tangy Red reddish stuff with wheat tortilla, serve with plain yogurt and pickel

30. Pooran Puri (Sweet Rotli) $4.99
Letil dal made with suger and stuff in wheat flower.

31. Khichadi Kadhi $6.50
Serve the Khichdi with, Gujarati Kadhi ,pickel and pappedum

32. Dal Rice $5.99
Basmati Rice Mixed With Dall.

33. Ratla Shak $7.50
2pc rotla with gur and garlic chutney, Day of vegetable shak,.

2 pcs Layer wheat flower tortilla,served with day of the vegetable,pickel,onion

35. Masala Dosa $8.50
Thin Rice Crepe Filled With Spiced Onions And Potatoes.

36. Plain Dosa $6.99
Thin Rice Flour Crepe.

37. Mysore Masala Dosa $8.99
Thin Crepe Spread With A Spicy Sauce Filled With Spiced Onions & Potatoes.

38. Rava Masala Dosa $10.99
Rice Crepe Made With Cream Of Wheat Filled With Spiced Onions & Potatoes.

39. Rava Plain Dosa $9.50
Thin Crepe Made With Cream Of Wheat And Rice Flour.

40. Cheese Dosa $8.99
Thin Rice Crepe Filled With Paneer Cheese.

41. Spring Dosa $10.99
Thin Rice Crepe Filled With Vegetables And Spiced Onions & Potatoes.

42. Idli Sambar $5.50
Steamed Rice Cake Served W/ Sambar & Chutney.

45. Plain Uthappam $5.99
soft, spongy, white uttapams, With Vegetables And Spiced Onions & Chutney.

43.Extra Sambhar $0.75
is a lentil-based vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind.

44 Onion /Tomato /chilly Uttapam $8.99
Rice & Lentil Pancake served with lentil soup & coconut chutney

45.Bisi bela bath $7.50
Rice cock with lentil (Sambhar) with vegitable

Thin crepes made of fresh semolina flower served with lentil soup and cocounut chutney

47. Chinese Bhel $5.99
Is made with fried noodles, tossed with colourful sautéed veggies and garnished with crunchy spring onions.

48. Veg. Fried Rice $7.99
Rice cooked with fresh vegetables, ginger, garlic and schwan sauce

49. Veg. Hakka Noodles $7.99
Noodles sautéed with ginger, garlic, carrots, peas, bell peppers, and cabbage

50. Spring Rolls $5.99
Stuffed with crunchy and colourful veggies, perfectly cooked noodles and flavour enhancers like green chillies and coriander.

51. Veg. Manchurian $8.50
Veggie balls cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, bell peppers and soy sauce.

52. Tomato Soup $4.99
Delicately spiced tomato soup.

53. Vegetable Soup $5.50
Delicately spiced vegtable soup.

54. HOT & SOUR SOUP $5.50
Tangy indo chiness made with hot and sour with blend veggitable

55. Radhe Special Sandwich $5.99
vegetables, sliced cheese, placed on or between slices of bread.

56. Bombay Sandwich $5.50
vegetables, sliced cheese, placed on or between slices of bread.

57. Cheese Sandwich $4.99
sliced cheese, placed on or between slices of bread.

58 .CROWN DOSA $6.99
Its basically soft, spongy, W/ Sambar & Chutney.

59. Hakka Noodles (MILD) $7.99
Noodles sautéed with ginger, garlic, carrots, peas, bell peppers, and cabbage.

60. Mango/Pista/Plain Gulfi $3.50
kulfi, mango falooda, kesar pista falooda and falooda recipe.

61. Shrikhand $3.99
Sweet saffron yogurt

62. Gulab jamun $3.99
Made from pure milk cake deep in suger syrupe

63. Hot Besan Halwa( Mohanthal) $3.99
Sweet Gram flower

64. Allo Sandwich(Grill) $5.99
Tangy potteto stuff in grill bread

65. CHEESE PIZZA $6.99
Indian test home made from scratch with cheese topping

soft whole wheat deep fried puri serve with sweet ,saffron yogurt

67. RAS PURI $6.50
soft whole wheat deep fried puri serve with Mango pulp

Tortilla stuff with cheese cut in triangle

69 .RAS MALAI $3.99
Indian cheese petti sock in saffron milk

70. Masala Tea $2.50
Brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs.

71. Madras Special Coffee $2.99
Is made with coffee beans that are carefully selected, blended, and roasted.

72. Mango Shake $3.50
Mango milkshake using cashew milk, they are so sweet and juicy.

73 .MANGO LASSI $2.99
Is a blend of yogurt, with mango pulp .

74.Assorted Sodas $1.99
Includes a variety of regular and diet soft drinks (including Coke and Pepsi products).

75. Indian Style Fresh Sugar Cane Juice $3.50
Is the juice extracted from pressed sugarcane.

76. SWEET LASSI $2.50
Plain yogurt blend with suger

77. SALT LASSI $2.50
Plain yogurt blend with pinch of salt .

78. JAL-JEERA $2.50
Tangy masala water

Freashly Indian made lamoned

Fresh yogurt blend with water ,salt and jeera

YOGERT $1.50


Fully Gathiya $7.99

Chickpeas flour,Salt

Papadi gathiya $7.99

Masala Papadi

Bhavnagari Gathiya $7.99

Chickpeas flour, Salt,Spices

Masala Papadi $7.99

Chickpeas flour, Salt,Spices

Small Sev $7.99

Gram flour, Salt

Bhel Mix $8.00

Mamra,Sev, Papadi mix

Hot Mix $7.99

Tangy, Spicy mix snack

Gujarati Chevdo $7.99

Rice flax mix with sweet. Sour, spicy taste

Spicy Gathiya $7.99

Round shape crunchy extra hot snake

Banana Chips $7.99

Round thin banana chips with spice.

Dal Muth $7.99

Lentil & Sev mix

Sakkarpara $7.99

Crunchy sweet snake

Fulwadi $7.99

Spicy round snake with tangy masala

Farari chawdo $8.00

Potato chips mix with nut & spice

Dry kachori $7.99

Round ball made with spice & fry moog dal

Masala Cashew $8.00

Fry whole cashew with spice

Chakri $9.00

Round shape rice flour crunchy snake

Farsi Puri $7.99

Rava, Menda flour, Salt

Masala Puri $7.99

Wheat flour,salt,seeds

Masala Peanut $6.99

Fry peanuts,spices,masala

Chana chor garam $7.50

Flat chana with tangy taste

Fry channa dal $7.50

Chana dal with tangy masala

Fafda Gathiya $15.99

Long flat gathiya

Fry /moong $6.99

Crunchy moong

Pani puri $5.00

Crunchy flat puri

Methi Thepla $6.00

Fresh methi roti


Mava Penda $10.00

Saffron Penda $9.00

Malai Burfi $9.00

Carrot Halwa $10.00

Chocolate Burfi $9.50

Mango Burfi $9.50

Saffron Burfi $9.50

Milk, Saffron & cardamom

Dry Fruit Halwa $10.00

Kaju Katli $9.00

Badam Pista Roll $11.00

Almond, Sweet & pistachio

Kanju Anjir Roll $11.00

Cashew & real fig

Mava Cake $10.00

a cake sweet made with real milk with small crunch

Coconut Burfi $9.99

Kala Jamun $9.99

Dry Fruit Shirkhand $9.50

Whole milk yogurt made with dry nut, cardamom & sugar

Saffron Shirkhand $9.00

Whole milk yogurt made with saffron, cardamom & sugar

Gulab Jam $8.99

Brown color juicy ball made with solidified milk & flour

Jalebi $7.99

Methi Ladoo $10.00

Adadiya $10.00

Khajure roll (Sugar Free) $10.00

Mohanthal 8-10 $9.00

Gram flour, sugar syrup & almond slices topping

Churma Ladoo 7-10 $10.00

Wheat flour, jiggery, puppy seeds & nut topping

Magaz 8-10 $9.00

Gram flour, sugar & pistachios slice topping

Boondi Ladoo 8-10 $9.00

Gram Flour, Sugar surup & Nuts

Motichur laddoo $9.00

small Boondi made with cheak peas flour





Stuff Petish 

Sev Roll 

Batata Wada 

Methi Goat 

Mix Vegi Pakora 

Mix Bhajiya 

Samosa Chat 

Chinese Bhel 

Ragda Petish 

Sev Khamani 

Sandwich Dhokla 

Spring Roll 

Raj Kachori 

Live Dhosa station

Pav bhaji 

Veggi Italian pasta

Garlic Bread


Allo Tikki 

Corn Chewda 

Fried Idly 

Wada Sambhar 

Dal Wada 

Dahi Wada 

Chilly Parma 

Veg Manchurian 

Panner Manchurian 

Gobi Manchurian 

Pappdi No Lot 

Eggplant Potato 

Eggplant Papdi 

Potato & Peas 

Cauliflower Peas 

Cauliflower Potato 

Corn Kaju (Jain) 

Masala Bhindi (Jain) 

Fansi Dhokli (Jain) 

Dudhi (Oppo) & Chana 

Potato Suki Bhaji 

Kaju Karela (Jain) 

Green Chori & Potato 

Turiya Patra (Jain) 

Patrari (Mix) 

Tindora Patara 

Stuff Eggplant 


Kashmiri Darn Aloo 

Methi Malai Muter 

Mix Vegetable (Guju) 

Bengan Bhartha 

Mutter Panner 

Panner Tika Masala 

Palak Panner 

Aloo Gobi 

Mix Veg Korma 

Veg. Jal Frezy 

Chole Chana (Jain) 

Sprout Moong (Jain) 

Black Chana (Jain) 

Plain Rice 

Vegetable Pulao 

Vegi Biryani 

Rajwadi Khichdi 

Fried Rice 

Tomato Rice 

Bismilla Rice 

Coconut Rice

Tomato Soup

Veg Soup

Corn Soup

Sweet Lassi 

Salted Lassi 

Fresh Sugarcane Juise 

Faloda Drink 

Rose Sharbat 



Shri Khand (Dry Fruit, keshar, Fruit)

Dry Fruit Halwa

Carret Halwa (Peas & Hot)

Kaju Delight

Kaju Roll

Mango Pulp

Hot Mohanthal(besan halwa)

Moongdal Halwa 

Churma laddo

Boondi laddo

Burfi Malai 


Gulab Jamun 




Raj Bhog Rabdi 

Loose Boondi 

Anjeer Halwa 

Live Tava sweets

Aloo Paratha

Naan (Onion, Garlic)
Plain Puri
Masala Puri
Palak Puri
Palak Paratha
Ajwine Paratha
Jira Paratha
Palak Paneer Paratha
Plain Paratha
Methi Puri
Guajarati Roti
Panjabi Roti

Pooran puri

 We make Live sugercan juice for your event

 We make Ice cold coconut station for welcoming your Guest.


Radhe Sweets & Catering 

Phone: (714) 220-9355

Email: chetanmalani@yahoo.com

Address:3070 W Lincoln Ave, # I-J
Anaheim, CA 92801.